Economic Damages Calculations and Due Diligence

It’s estimated that more than half of damages related cases end up going to trial. When faced with the unknown, you want a forensic accounting expert on your side.
Damages claims are only expected to rise in the future. A recent survey of forensic and valuation professionals indicates the types of cases expected to drive demand for damages analyses in the coming years. Here’s a summary:

As you can see, cases requiring economic damages calculations by a qualified forensic expert are only going to continue. Those cases are typically supported by complex financial calculations, which are based on elaborate assumptions that need to be examined by forensic experts. The opposition may provide the necessary documentation to examine those underlying assumptions, but it will be next to impossible for an unqualified person to try and piece together thousands of financial documents to refute or merely recreate opposing expert exhibits.
Our team of forensic accounting experts use advanced data synthesis software to process data, and we stay current with innovative techniques within the field so we can guarantee a work product that is superior.